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May 30
  • Registration Starts
  • Dinner & Networking
  • Welcome & Speakers
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Teams start forming and discussing ideas. Be honest and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend.
  • Finished for the day and building closes


May 31
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend
  • Lunch
  • Call for needs & skills
  • Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • Dinner
  • Mid weekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Finished for the day and the building closes


Jun 1
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
  • Lunch
  • Coaches arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Demo day guests arrive. Snacks served.
  • Speaker and Pitch Kickoff
  • Judging & awards
  • Dinner
  • Wrapup
Tier 1 Sponsors

Andre Yousefi

Co-founder @ Lime-Lab   |  LinkedIn

Andre is a Co-founder of Lime Lab, a PCH Solutions company and product development consultancy which stresses results and relies heavily on prototyping.
Andre has over 20 years experience in using prototyping and craft as a means to expedite and elevate the product development process.
Prior to founding Lime Lab, Andre managed product development and consumer market facing products at WET Design in Sun Valley, California. At IDEO he was Design Director, worked in various design / engineering and prototyping roles.

Vijay Chattha

Founder @ VSC and   |  LinkedIn

Vijay Chattha is recognized as one of the top technology PR executives in the U.S. for his aggressive and creative approach. His PR tactics have led to multi-billion dollar client exits over the past decade. Vijay plays a role in all client strategy, pitch angles and high-level media relations. As an investor, advisor, board member and author, Vijay does more than promote his clients. He creates conversations and educates key influencers on the real story between the lines of press releases and corporate jargon.

Vijay’s insights are featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, TechCrunch, The Washington Post, VentureBeat, PRWeek, E-consultancy, OMMA Magazine, the Wharton Journal, and the Los Angeles Times. Vijay ranked at number 48 on The PR 50: The Best Communication Pros in Technology by Business Insider in 2012.

Vijay earned his BA from the University of Pennsylvania with a double major in International Relations and South Asian Studies. He co-developed his first startup while at the Wharton School of Business. While studying International Economics at the London School of Economics, he created Playboy’s College Marketing Program.

Vijay also co-created the Walk of Game, a first-ever video game landmark destination that inducted the likes of Sonic, Mario and Lara Croft into video game history. Vijay co-founded and serves on board of directors of Project Ahimsa, a global effort to empower youth through music. Vijay was also honored as one of PRWeek’s top two Young Professionals of the Year. When he’s not talking, he’s rocking

Tier 2 Sponsors

Renee DiResta

Principal @ O'Rielly AlphaTech Ventures   |  LinkedIn

She work closely with portfolio companies, meet entrepreneurs, evaluate investments, and study industries. Her work for portfolio companies includes analysis of growth strategies, financial modeling, product advising, and developing strategic & biz dev partnerships.
Prior to OATV, she spent 7 yrs at Jane Street Capital, a prop trading firm. Her experience is primarily in emerging markets, which have added complexity due to sudden government interventions, regional instability, & variable regulatory environments.
When she is not working, she makes things. She always has side projects…sometimes data research (using Google Autocomplete data), sometimes crafts. She blog about her projects at She has played piano for 28 yrs, danced for 12. Lately she has been into high altitude hiking

Kurt Dammermann

Co-founder @ Lime-Lab   |  LinkedIn

Kurt is a Co-founder of Lime Lab, a PCH Solutions company and product development consultancy which stresses results and relies heavily on prototyping.
Prior to founding Lime Lab, Kurt held senior roles at Apple, Design Within Reach, Astro Gaming and Coalesse. He has more that 22 years of design and industry experience.
Kurt has lectured and taught design related classes at leading educational institutions such as Yale University, Stanford University and the California College of the Arts.

David Merrill

Co-founder @ Sifteo   |  LinkedIn

Dave is an expert in cutting-edge human-computer interaction and has developed multiple award-winning interfaces and technologies. A frequent speaker in the domains of user interface innovation, the future of play, and entrepreneurship, Dave and his work have been featured at TED, MoMA, the Discovery Channel, and Wired.
Dave holds a BS in Symbolic Systems and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University, and an MS and PhD from the MIT Media Lab.

Brady Forrest

VP @ Highway1   |  LinkedIn

Brady is Vice President at Highway1, PCH International’s incubator program. A prolific speaker and maker on the geek scene, Brady can be found at speaking engagements around the world, inventing new forms of transportation at Burning Man, or creating in the Highway1 San Francisco workshop. Additionally, Brady writes for O’Reilly Radar, tracking changes in technology. Brady is the founder of Ignite, a geek event which has spread to over a hundred cities worldwide.

Abigail Kiefer

Fearless Leader at Red Clay   |  LinkedIn

Abby Kiefer is driven by bringing people together.
She is driven by the belief that more people are better than one when it comes to solving problems. It's what she did as a little girl in her Madison, Wisconsin neighborhood filled with kids of all ages. It is why she went to a university that specialized in interdisciplinary education. It was a prime driver for her pilgrimage to San Francisco where she focused on local and national urban policy.
And to her core, it's why she founded Red Clay in 2011. Red Clay is transforming how every physical product comes to market by creating an open innovation platform that connects freelance design talent to consumer brands.



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We would like to congratulate all the teams that participated. We saw some great working demos and were happy to see […]

Key Connectors

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Teaching Pioneer CCA

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    CCA, short for the California College of the Arts, was founded in 1907, having campuses both in San Francisco […]

Legal Partner – DLA Piper

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DLA Piper is a longtime leader in representing startups, venture capitalists, and technology investment bankers. As a supporter of the Highway1 […]

Technology Maverick Intel

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You know Intel, the world’s leading microprossecor manufacturer. With its global head quarters in Santa Clara, California, Intel is no […]


Kate Drane

Hardware Lead @ Indiegogo   |  LinkedIn

Kate Drane is Indiegogo’s hardware category lead. She is responsible for all aspects of business growth for the platform’s design and technology categories and has led many companies, including Misfit Wearables, Scanadu and Canonical, to secure funding on Indiegogo.

In addition to working at Indiegogo, Kate is the co-founder and CMO of The Can Van, the world’s first mobile beer canning service made to bring reasonably priced and environmentally friendly packaging options to California breweries. Prior to Indiegogo, Kate was the stakeholder outreach manager at Triple Pundit, a media company focused on sustainable business.

Kate is an organizer of the non-profit organization SoupSF, an exercise in community, food, creativity and good times. since 2012. In her role, Kate works to encourage civic participation throughout the San Francisco area.

Mark White

Director of Sales at American Standard Circuits, Inc.   |  LinkedIn

Mark’s passion for electronics was clear by the time he was just a few years old. Mark built his families first computer by the age of 7 and by the age of 10 Mark had disassembled and reassembled nearly every electronic device in the house. This life long passion for electronics led Mark to focus his efforts on many aspects of electronics throughout his life from learning the basics of coding to understanding the design of large scale server infrastructures. Eventually Mark’s focus came to be on the physical hardware inside of all of the electronic devices that he so loved. Mark is currently the Director of Sales at American Standard Circuits where he helps his customers to understand the most efficient way to take their concept from a schematic to the first working prototype.

Kyla Westphal

Marketing Communications @ Westphal Communications   |  LinkedIn

Kyla Westphal is a versatile communications professional with expertise in energy, clean technology, start-ups and politics. Kyla founded Westphal Communications to to help articulate, define and propel companies operating at the intersection of policy, technology and innovation.
Kyla started her career as a public servant in U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s Office, and has since worked in a variety of clean technology sectors spanning voluntary renewable energy markets, energy storage, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency. Kyla is a published author, marketing strategist, content creator and social media lover.

Brent Hall

Group Media Director @ AKQA   |  LinkedIn

Brent Hall is a multi-faceted marketer and business innovator with a deep and broad legacy across the digital marketing and media industries. He has worked at leading ad agencies, including AKQA, Universal McCann, and Digitas, with leading brands, including Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Gap, and American Express, helping them develop strategies to transform their marketing in the digital era.
He has co-founded Cadreon, Interpublic’s agency demand side ad platform, started digital film distributor dGenerate Films, helped start Digitas’ San Francisco office, and launched PBS TV show, Frontline/World.
He currently serves as Group Media & Strategy Director for AKQA, overseeing the innovation and technology practice. He also serves on the boards of dGenerate Films, Hyphen Magazine, and API Legal Outreach.

Ryan Vinyard

Engineering Adviser @ Highway1   |  LinkedIn

Ryan was a Product Development Engineer at Lime Lab a product development consultancy. Ryan worked with a broad range of clients developing products with a focus on the mechanical engineering aspects. He now serves as a Highway1 Engineering Mentor guiding participants on the engineering, manufacturing, and prototyping sections of the curriculum.

Marcus Gosling

VP @ PCH Accelerator   |  LinkedIn

Marcus joined PCH International in February of 2014. Formerly, Marcus worked at IDEO, Co-founded avatar social network and headed up design at, which was acquired by Salesforce in 2011. Marcus is fascinated by the huge changes happening in how businesses are built and how they engage and deliver value to customers. Increasingly, success is determined by how well a team understands the range of people that contribute to and draw value from their offering and how to best reconcile and manage these flows of value.

Megan Groves

Senior Consultant - Online Marketing, Product Strategy, & Scalability   |  LinkedIn

Megan Groves is a senior consultant in the management consulting services practice at Infosys, specializing in online marketing, product strategy, and scalability. She helps Fortune 500 brands improve their customer experience through the use of social media, smart commerce, analytics, and digital marketing.
She has also launched three of her own companies—the first a wellness-oriented brick-and-mortar which was acquired, the second a health tech company she closed to pursue her MBA, and the third, Bombsheller, a 3D printing fashion brand whose end story is yet to be written. adviser for Theneeds, a personalized content discovery startup.

Adam Ellsworth

Harware Organiser @ Indiegogo   |  LinkedIn

Adam Ellsworth is a hardware entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He founded 8-Bit Lit, which makes video-game themed lamps, and ProtoTank, a prototyping and product design firm. He has raised funds through Kickstarter, set up manufacturing in China, and delivered to backers on time. He also served as Indiegogo’s Hardware Mentor in Residence, where he helped campaign owners plan strategically for production and fulfillment. A few years back, he built a prototype zero-gravity 3D printer, which is slated to board the International Space Station in 2014.

Bob Christopher

Partner @ Retail Group   |  LinkedIn

Leads Retail Groups West Coast Retail Excellence practice as the lead in.. CEO/founder of Ugobe, makers of Pleo. Raised $55MM, partnered with Foxconn, built worldwide distribution channels and retail partnerships. Created the first global community in support of consumer robotics. Active adviser and mentor to consumer device and robot companies. Author of The 2-Year Itch. Enjoys blurring the relationship between people and machines.

Zak Humoth

Co-founder @ Upverter   |  LinkedIn

Zak started his first serious business when he was 16. He walked the town, from door to door doing computer house-calls, consulting, and sales.

After high-school Zak studied Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo doing his co-op internships at IBM in Germany, Infosys in India, and at Sandvine in Waterloo, Ontario where he accepted a full-time job. At Sandvine, Zak was the black magic, signal integrity and analog guy. He was responsible for both designing new hardware and scaling it into manufacturing. It was these experiences that planted the seeds for Upverter.

In August of 2011 Zak left Sandvine and founded Upverter where he is currently the CEO.

Martine Neider

Founder @ Learning Curve Design

Martine began her career in the arts, but after several years at the International Center of Photography, she decided that becoming a machinist would be fun. She headed west and trained at the cutting edge renewable energy firm Makani Power, now part of Google[x], where she worked in both fabrications and business development. She left to work with Otherlab, a boutique engineering firm. At Otherlab she Kickstarted the Othermill, a desktop three-axis CNC milling machine, winning a Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics in the process. She is now founding Learning Curve, an American made sustainable textiles company.

Jeff Beene

Sr Industrial Designer @ Samsung UXCA   |  LinkedIn

With over 13 years in industrial design and user experience, Jeff Beene has developed award-winning electronics, consumer goods, and interfaces for domestic and international brands. He’s worked with design firms including Eleven, Radius, and Kicker Studio, and for companies including Proctor & Gamble, Shure, and Safety 1st. His projects have ranged from furniture to housewares to electronics. Currently at Samsung, he’s developing next generation mobile technology, with a strong focus on developing new products that balance ID and UX.

Rachel Kalmar

Data Scientist @ Misfit Wearables   |  LinkedIn

Apart from being a data wscientist at misfit wearables Rachel Kalmar is a founder at Sensored, a fellow at Singularity Univeristy and Rock Health, was a co-founder of Senstore, a startup working toward an open-source medical tricorder, by focusing on making sensor data accessible and actionable. A Stanford neuroscience PhD, she is passionate about using data to explain, predict and influence behavior.

Ethan Imboden

Head of Venture Design @ frog, Founder @ Jimmyjane   |  LinkedIn

Ethan specializes in realizing big, entrepreneurial visions that require integrated brand, design, engineering, consumer and market strategy.

In his role as Head of Venture Design for frog, he invests and deploys the firm’s enormous talent and diverse capabilities in the service of entrepreneurial efforts both large and small. He also contributes brand, product and market strategy to Jimmyjane, which he founded in 2004, and aids in the company’s governance as Chairman.

Kevin Smith

Founder and CEO @ seedchange   |  LinkedIn

Kevin Co-founded seedchange in 2012 to transform startup investing and early stage finance. He also Co-founded Seedchange Execution Services Inc., a FINRA-registered broker dealer and The VAULT, a startup coworking/acceleration space in SF. He led the development of new iShares products and businesses around the world including development and introduction of equity and fixed income ETFs and expansion of iShares to Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

He ran IPOs, acquisitions and other transactions for tech companies in Silicon Valley at Davis Polk & Wardwell. He co-founded and led business consulting firm in Moscow from startup phase to profitability as the largest consulting group in eastern Europe.

Deepak Gupta

Managing Director @ seedchange   |  LinkedIn

Deepak connects startups with customers, partners, and investors to grow their business. Expertise providing startup guidance and hands-on assistance with business model & growth strategy, customer & business development, and marketing.

He is actively involved in the startup world as a mentor at 500 Startups, VegasTechFund and an angel investor and advisor to several startups. He also co-founded, a next-gen real estate search in Indonesia. Previously, he worked in multiple startups in different operational roles.

Jesse Suarez

Venture Analyst @ seedchange, Director @ The Vault   |  LinkedIn

Deeply passionate about helping technologies that make the world a simpler place come to fruition, Jesse identifies and engages with early stage tech startups with rapid growth potential. Once verified, Jesse performs diligence on behalf of an online broker-dealer representing the interests of hundreds of angel investors, seed funds and family offices and strategizes with companies to prepare for the hurdles of seed level fundraising.

Mo Soranki

Team member @ seedchange   |  LinkedIn

Entrepreneurial attorney and business development professional focused on helping high tech startups efficiently raise seed funding.

Ed Anuff

VP Product Strategy @ Apigee   |  LinkedIn

Ed Anuff is a serial entrepreneur who was most recently Executive Vice President and GM, Platform Products and Services at Six Apart, Ltd. Before joining Six Apart he was co-founder of Widgetbox, a marketplace for widgets, and the company's original CEO. Prior to founding Widgetbox, Anuff was co-founder of enterprise software company Epicentric, a leading provider of Enterprise portal software. He served as Epicentric's first CEO, later assuming the roles of chairman and chief strategy officer. Prior to co-founding Epicentric, he was an executive at Wired responsible for the launch of HotBot, one of the first news search engines, in May 1996.
Anuff is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and author of the best selling Java Sourcebook, published by John Wiley & Sons, one of the first books on the Java programming language.

Ashley Etling

COO, Co-founder @ Red Clay   |  LinkedIn

Ashley Etling, is the co-founder of Red Clay. Red Clay’s success can be attributed to her ability to balance the most critical of details with the vision to disrupt the creative industry in which she has worked for nearly a decade. This balance has been finely tuned during her first entrepreneurial venture. The experience, growing an innovative product company, quickly piqued her interest in the design industry. She followed that path towards a formal education in architecture at Harvard and then practiced in both Telluride, CO and San Francisco, CA. Today, Ashley and the incredibly talented team at Red Clay are transforming how every physical product comes to market. They have created an open innovation platform that connects freelance design talent to consumer brands.

David Austin

VP @ PCH Accelerator   |  LinkedIn

David has extensive product and corporate development experience bringing amazing products to mass markets and identifying, acquiring and incorporating major and minor IP, products and teams.

He is experienced building best of class product teams including engineering, quality, user experience, project management both local, remote and international.
He has also worked with many angel and venture backed startups.

Andras Ketskes

CTO @ BodyTrace   |  LinkedIn

Andy has been working in the cellular industry for over 10 years. He is the founder of BodyTrace, a company that manufactured one of the first wirelessly connected medical devices. Since then, they have been working on a solution that makes it easy to integrate cellular communication into any device. BodyTrace's technology can now be found in various medical, automotive and public utility applications, connecting a wide range of sensors to the cloud.
Andy's previous business venture offered hardware-as-a-service solutions well before the emergence of cloud computing.

Daniel Fukuba

Co-Founder @ Campus   |  LinkedIn

Daniel Fukuba is a product architect based in San Francisco. He has designed internationally deployed robotic system at Qbotix, shipped over 20,000 units at Oona, and can't stop thinking about how to get new product into the market faster. As an entrepreneur and designer he can provide operational insight into the product development lifecycle. Daniel will share best practices that will help you overcome the challenges ahead.

Heather Brundage

Business Development @ Apportable   |  LinkedIn

As a consultant and product designer, Heather is passionate about bringing physical products to life. From the beginning design conceptions, through prototyping and manufacturing all the way to commercialization, she has led and advised teams in turning product ideas into realities.
With extensive knowledge and experience in various 3D printing, rapid prototyping and manufacturing methods, she has worked with manufactures in the US, Europe and Asia, finding the best manufactures and processes to meet the project needs.
Having brought physical products to market, she understands the challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s advising successful Kickstarter campaigns, pounding the pavement to get products on shelves, working trade shows (from both sides of the table!), or utilizing social media, she knows how to build relationships and move product.

John Vinyard

Firmware Engineer @ Lime Lab   |  LinkedIn

John currently works for Lime Lab, a product development consultancy, as a firmware engineer. He has experience developing consumer electronics including BLE, NFC, and other cutting edge technologies. Prior to Lime Lab he worked for Intel's Mobility Microprocessor division in a variety of roles form whitebox Pre-Silicon testing to the large scale blackbox testing as Debug Lead for a Random Instruction Testing team in Post-Silicon.

Michael Shiloh

Arduino Education @ Arduino   |  LinkedIn

Michael joined Survival Research Labs in 1990, designing and installing control systems for the groups' large industrial performance machines, and started teaching electronics and animatronics to artists working in the increasingly popular fields of machine art, kinetic sculpture, physical computing, and robotics.

Discovering a passion and aptitude for teaching, Michael was a guest lecturer for various art and technology classes, developed and taught tinkering workshops for children at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation, brought Maker Faire projects to under-served schools through Make Magazine's art and technology Make Mobile, and for 5 years designed and lead MAKE Play Day workshop, the largest workshop at Make magazine's annual Maker Faire, where an estimated 3000 children and adults build gadgets and contraptions from discarded electrical devices.

In 2005 Michael founded Teach Me To Make, an educational organization dedicated to the principle that understanding technology and construction techniques, should be open, public, and accessible to all. In 2008 Judy Castro, artist and designer, became a partner at Teach Me To Make. Inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of people with limited resources, Michael and Judy have developed tinkering workshops to teach and exercise the skills of innovation and creativity. Together and individually they facilitate the development of creativity while teaching technical skills such as rapid prototyping, tinkering, electronics, robotics, computer control, and Arduino.

Holley Murchison

Social Entrepreneur and Rhetoric Coach   |  LinkedIn

Holley Murchison is a social entrepreneur and rhetoric coach from New York City. Operating between the Big Apple and the San Francisco Bay Area, her work is centered around creating innovative, sustainable solutions to advance education, help the world communicate better and take (big and small) leaps toward championing and executing their ideas.

She's coached at companies including Spotify, Klout, and the Startup Institute and has spoken at events for the Harvard Graduate School of Education, CreativeMornings, and the New York Daily News. Outside of coaching, she manages operations as founding partner of The Hall Pass Tour

Amr Saleh

Co-founder and CEO @ Integreight, Inc.   |  LinkedIn

Amr has a B.Sc. in electronics and communications engineering from Helwan University, he worked with Integreight team on launching 1sheeld, a rapid prototyping open source hardware board that communicates with smart phones over bluetooth, it recently raised more than 800% of the initial target in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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