Experts Extraordinaire – SVB and Holley Murchinson



Silicon Valley Bank has a rich history of working with startups and helping them to succeed and become well established companies. A startup itself, SVB was founded in 1982 and has since grown to become a global banking institution. SVB views startup companies as the future leaders in technology, on the cutting edge of innovation, and actively helps startups to realize their dreams through its SVB Accelerator. The SVB accelerator helps startups through a variety of services that include banking solutions, strategies to meet funding goals, and valuation analysis. We are gratified that SVB is sponsoring  maker Startup Weekend!



Holley Murchinson of Oratory Glory is a Rhetoric Coach and Consultant, joining Maker Startup Weekend to coach the participating Startup Weekend teams on their final presentations to the judges, helping them master techniques to impress the panel in their pitches. Holley takes a holistic approach when teaching about public speaking. She prepares her clients to create and convey messages, ideas and stories that engage and enthrall audiences. She has been teaching about communication since 2006 and we are lucky to have Holley taking part in our event this weekend!


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